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Historical Lawsuits That are Way too Weird.

Even though filing lawsuits is becoming very common now, only 10% of these cases will move to trial. Many of the claims made will be settled through negotiations or rejected. From time to time, however, some absurd ones will make their way to court. Even though there have been crazy cases in court, there are some which are on the extreme. Some people will file a lawsuit because they are bad at math, they cannot read or just that they have failed to function as adults. It makes you applaud the lawyers who had to be in court for such. There is a case of a woman who went to court for being too scared. The issue began with a woman who was after fun at the Universal Studios. For any person who has seen the ads, the Halloween Horror Nights are very popular. You get to go to a haunted house. You will be scared by various creeps in the party and even murderers and gore. The woman and her granddaughter attended the party and for some reason what was on the ad wasnt internalized. The duo did not get hurt but a Leatherface actor made them go to court. She said a $15,000 compensation would help with the nightmares she was getting. The judge asked her to buy a nightlight and that was the end of the case.

If you thought suing God was impossible, there is someone who has been there and done that and he was also the Nebraskan senator who had had it with natural disasters. He said it was because of proximate and direct causes of God that earthquakes, fearsome floods, tornado, plagues, and floods. This mans fury did not just end there because he urged for a cease and desist. He did not want anything to do with God at that point. In case you are wondering, this senator was not insane or under influence. The state has passed laws to reduce the filing of lawsuits that were frivolous and the senator was not happy about that.

Back in the 90s, the phrase jack a** shot to fame. Apparently, those were the full names of a certain man. He ended up suing the MTV owner for causing chaos in his life. The Jack a** could only be satisfied with ,000,000. The name change was done to alert more people about alcoholism. The chosen slogan id not even bear his name.